Sales Terms and Conditions

We currently have a limited number of Awassi rams, lambs and ewes for sale as well as Awassi semen (export quality) that is suitable to export to either the US or NZ.

Deposits are essential to reserve suitable animals for our customers and ensure they are not sold to anyone else for a set period of time.

Deposits placed on live sheep and genetics (semen and embryos) are none refundable.

In the event of death of chosen sheep prior to collection or failure to collect the required genetics (e.g. injury or death of ram prior to semen collection), we will endeavour to replace those affected sheep with other equivalent sheep in a timely fashion.  Deposits may be refunded (at our discretion) in the event we are unable to supply suitable replacements within a reasonable timeframe.

Full payment must be received prior to livestock leaving our property, be it for genetic collection purposes or outright sales.

For further details, please call Robbie on +61 414 884 325,  or email